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Revenue focused Products.

Built To Sell.

4+ million lines of code | Millions of users reached | Millions of dollars made
30+ industries  | 40+ winners | World class engineering

What we do

521 Tech Labs is an award winning App Development team based in Sydney, Australia. Trusted by Fortune500 companies and growing start ups. We help you innovate and connect with your users through technology.

Web & Mobile Apps

Deliver great product experiences into your customers' hands with Web & Mobile Apps that are built to scale from day one.

Technical Strategy

Empower your business with emerging technologies and best practices to improve your company's tech advantage.

artificial intelligence

Engineer extremely smart solutions using Machine Learning and improve your company's efficiency.

API & Platforms

Power your app with high performance API systems that use the best modern code patterns. Connect users to your platform.


Up skill with customised training programs for teams and individual developers to ship good code, fast and efficiently.

Meet the 521 Alumni

technology Driven by results

Innovate your company's technology by partnering with a dev team that's done it before. We've helped our clients launch digital products in over 20+ industries.

Supply chain / Blockchain

Raised $23.5 Million

Automotive / Marketplace / WebApp

95,000+ listings in 9 months

Fintech / Marketplace / WebApp

Generates $5.5M MMR

Tax / Automation / Fintech

App used globally by PwC clients

Logistics / Blockchain / WebApp

Successful Launch to The UN

Solar Energy / Blockchain / Fintech

$1.3Bn in solar contracts

Education / WebApp / Platform

Raised $6.5M

Healthcare / Marketplace / App

Connecting over 10,000+ users

Micro Booking / Marketplace

90% CR /100% Hotel CR

Fintech / Car Loans

$4M Raised / 5⭐️ Reviews

Podcast / Marketplace / Ads

Its a secret ;)

Content / Marketplace / Social

Dogs, what more do you want?

Strata / Fintech / Marketplace

Australia's largest Strata firm

Dispute Resolution / AI

Launching Soon

Async Video Messaging

1000 Users in 6 weeks

Marketplace / No Code

Launching Soon

FinTech / AI / eComm

1400 Businesses in 5 months

AI / 3D Modelling / Construction

$6M Series A

Feedback / User Experience / Engineering

Used by Fortune 500 Companies

FinTech / AI / BNPL

Launched with 1000 retailers

Sextech / eComm / AI

1M Monthly Sessions in 8 Months

AI / NLP / Sales

8200 Users In 5 Months

FinTech / Lending / Bridging Loans

$100M Already Raised

Insure Tech / Fintech / AI (2022 Q4 Launch)

The Next Afterpay

Reg Tech / Real Estate (2022 Q4 launch)

Revolutionise Legal Industry
Trusted by fast-growing start ups and organisations

Success Stories

Your success is our success! So we're proud to share with you these stories and media mentions recognising our clients in their industries.

Hire us

Lumachain lands $3.5 million for tech tackling modern slavery in food supply chains

SocietyOne's loan book boosted by broker channel

The UN's World Food Programme Harnesses Devery's Blockchain Technology to Track and Safely Deliver Food to Tunisian School Children

Transcendence stands out in the recent global blockchain technology summit

eBay to Buy Cox Automotive, Boost Classifieds in Australia

Passionate about digital products

We build our own products

Not just another development agency. We’re truly passionate about harnessing technology to solve problems and create digital experiences. So in our spare time you’ll see us building digital tools to make life better for developers. #madebydevsfordevs


Jeremy Gupta

ex-CTO @ Autotrader & Carsguide

"Autotrader worked with FIVE 2 ONE to bring to life a part of the experience that we predict significant growth in. The challenge was complex from a technical point of view and also required close collaboration with both stakeholders and the internal team - something that didn't prove to be a problem. The results speak for themselves and we've seen significant uplift in the new experience which FIVE 2 ONE should be proud of, we're excited about continuing to partner with them as the experience evolves."

Zaheer Jappie

CEO & Founder @ CarClarity

“I reached out to V and his team due to his extensive expertise in building successful startups. Working with him has by far been one of my best decisions, he went above and beyond to ensure they built CarClarity into a great product, helped me with product decisions, and made vital introductions. As a non-technical founder I was always concerned about what might happen, but working with Five2One removed any source of doubt, and he kept me educated, and involved throughout the entire process. CarClarity is going to be a massive success and they played an integral part of it!”

Sachin Sabharwal

CEO & Founder @ Timeflyz / Good Coffee Co

“Five2One came highly recommended and I can tell you why. Working with V and their team has been nothing but pleasure, you go on this educational journey with them, where they don't only deliver an incredible product to you, but a team that is extremely passionate about educating you on how to build the business for success using their immense experience in product, engineering and design that goes beyond the technical expertise which they are unmatched with. Proof is in the pudding, our product is already gaining success and we're not launched yet.”


VP & Co-Founder @ Maoneng & TSD Network

“FIVE 2 ONE and V built out our entire software architecture, from website, dApp to blockchain smart contracts. Not only did they do an excellent job at this - they always worked like they were part of us, and wanted to see this succeed as much as the TSD/Maoneng team themselves. They would go out of their way to explain and educate the management team about the technicalities and were always available to communicate with. To them - code quality and performance was of paramount importance - and thats how I work!”

Simon farrell

CTO @ SocietyOne

"FIVE 2 ONE and V did an amazing job in building a key product for SocietyOne.  Vaibhav and his team were always engaging and they went above and beyond to bring a critical project to life.  I highly recommend his team to anyone needing to get a project/initiative off the ground fast and quick to market. The broker project has become a massive success generating nearly $4M a month only a few months after launch."

Jamila Gordon

CEO @ Lumachain | ex-CIO Qantas

“521 was excellent in restructuring a vital part of our product. V and his team were always there and always gave excellent advice on what needs to be done - he really knows his stuff. They went above and beyond to deliver what we asked for. Always available to talk to get advice on software and technology”

Christina Chun

Executive (Stealth Mode)

“The team is transparent, VERY easy to get in touch with (despite how busy they are), care about whether you're getting value for your $$$ and honest when it comes to feedback.
We needed to build a MVP platform quite quickly to assist with some urgent BAU activity - we managed to reduce a task that was taking days to complete, down to minutes.
Biggest bonus was that when there were things that needed urgent changing, even when we called out at 9.00p at night, they would do his best knowing how it would affect the outcomes we had on our side.”

Lance Marks


"Vee and the team at Five2One have been nothing short of brilliant.Their ethos founded upon 'nothing is impossible' rings true throughout everything they do - creating, building and solving problems that extend far beyond purely technicals.From our first call to the final delivered product, Five2One understood our vision, our mission and went above and beyond at every turn to make sure we successfully reached our goal.Taking an intangible idea, and creating a tangible product is an art - and Five2One seem to have mastered it.They became more than just a tech team, and a crucial part to the creation and implementation of our product.We look forward to continuing to work with the team in the future."

Bill Kalpouzanis

COO & Co-Founder @ Lodex Australia

"Lodex worked with FIVE 2 ONE to build out a component of our blockchain infrastructure. Their knowledge, professionalism, and speed to execute completely exceeded our expectations. V and the team were always in touch and went above and beyond to work with our CTO to make sure everyone was equally educated and empowered technically. We were nothing but impressed with their authenticity and quality of work. Accordingly, we highly recommend FIVE 2 ONE to any business requiring technology solutions and advice."

Frenn aben

CEO and Co-founder @ Kalinga Health

"We developed an intricate and versatile mobile app from scratch using technologies that make Kalinga one of the fastest in the market. The product was designed, developed and engineered in our Sydney office.
They were incredible to work with. They were in touch with me all the time, talking to the devs directly was the best experience, and any change I wanted was addressed immediately. Well done to the team for building a great product that is incredibly complex."

Theo Denovan

Partner @ PwC, Enterprise Digital

"We engaged with Vaibhav and his team to build an app we released globally. He was very resourceful in executing the project to its completion. We would use FIVE 2 ONE again to assist us with future projects"

Andrew Rasheed


"We integrated FIVE 2 ONE into our team to work with us for one of our ongoing international projects. It was a great experience and Vaibhav and his team are second to none."

Patrick Purcell

Head of Technology @ Gecko Governance

"We reached out and worked with V as our Technical Advisor assisting with decisions on core architecture for our platform along with blockchain decisions to ensure efficiency in the what we were building. He's a pleasure to work with and is always available to communicate and would highly recommend working with him and/or his team to build incredible products."

Tom waterhouse

Director @ Tom Waterhouse

"V was a great add to the team. He helped spear head the transition of a massive framework to host our large customer base. He holds a strong technical ground. He was always positive, entrepreneurial and we've kept in touch ever since. I'd definitely recommend working with V"

Stephanie Khalil

Founder @ OnRoute App

"I worked with V and the team to build out OnRoute and had a great time working with them, it was a tough challenge but they did a great job. We ironed out the kinks in our delivery process and built out a quality product that people are using."

The 521 Advantage

1. Vast Experience

Our team has delivered global projects for over 40+ companies in over 20+ industries.

2. Profitable Code

Our code helps our clients generate $millions every month. We're all about impact.

3. Industry Experts

We've trained and developed 1000s of Engineers for multi nationals to veteran developers.

4. Trusted

We're trusted by companies big and small with scaling their business with technology.

5. Product Focused

We're truly passionate about products, and have even built our own start up called Laddr.

We're Not Taking on New Projects.
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“Hi, I’m Vaibhav (or just 'V').
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Vaibhav Namburi

Director @ Five2One Tech Labs

“Hi, I’m Vaibhav (or just 'V').
Are you looking for an experienced development team?
Look no further.
Contact us today for your free consultation worth $900!”

Vaibhav Namburi - Director @ Five2One

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