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Love the solution not the idea: Evan Wong

Evan Wong

Forbes 30U30. 2 Multi-Million Dollar Businesses. Westpac Business of Tomorrow.

Growth will come

Evan built his businesses through grit and hard work. Giving up is not an option and listening to your customers in the end of the day is what determines your company's success

"I had 'a' idea, a rather bad idea and then just grew upon in with our customer base. It was a problem I was having, so it didn't matter if it was an enterprise problem or not, I wanted to solve it for myself"

Whats the quick rundown ? 👇

Raised $2M and on path to raising more. Recently awarded Forbes 30U30 and founder of 2 successful companies. We had an excellent time talking about raising, ideation, business management, startups and the general roller coaster of start ups Some incredible golden nuggets coming up for everyone, super excited to share this and many more in the coming weeks! We sat down with Evan Wong, CEO of 9X award-winning business

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